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"Very well known Internet Marketer & Business Mentor "Saurabh Bhatnagar" is an Internet & Business Legend" - Forbes


"Very well known Internet Marketer & Business Mentor "Saurabh Bhatnagar" is an Internet & Business Legend" - Forbes


Saurabh Bhatnagar helps individuals & businesses scale their revenue using online marketing by helping them get more clients/customers. 

He is the founder of multiple SAAS businesses & he is the world’s finest online business growth strategist. 

He has mentored multiple businesses hit 6-7 figures revenue. 

Saurabh has developed his unique proprietary “TFP Formula” that he uses to generate profits & revenue online. 

And that same formula is the reason behind him being behind some of Facebook’s highest ROI ad campaigns & automated business funnels with highest conversion numbers. 

The formula is based upon the direct correlation between the 3 most important online business assets i.e “Targeted Traffic”, “Seamless Funnel” & “Automated Profits”. 

This “TFP Formula” is what he calls can make or break any online business & it is the reason behind the success of multiple businesses that he has mentored. 

Individuals & businesses get in touch with Saurabh through his softwares, intensive coaching programs, keynote speeches & free masterclass videos. 


My Journey 

Before you read my story, I want to tell you that dreams do come true. Massive targets when combined with right strategies always leads to great results. I hope my story will help you instill that belief in yourself. 

I was born in Dehradun which is a small Hill station based in India. 

Since my childhood, I had a huge interest in sports, especially in Cricket & Soccer. 

I still find time to follow this passion of mine whenever I get an opportunity. 


"My First Income" 

Since my childhood days, I had a huge interest in finding ways to earn income. 

My first income came by selling Cricket cards to my friends which I decorated & made them appear as if they were imported from somewhere outside. 

First real income. Good beginning :) 

"Early College"  

I went to pursue my graduation in the field of B.Sc Physics Honours. 

Something that I chose because it was told to me that there's a good career scope in this field 😀 

And nobody had taught us that a thing like Entrepreneurship existed. 

"Entering the Entrepreneurship Arena" 

I was in the 2nd year of my graduation when I became a part of a network marketing company. 

"Entering the Entrepreneurship Arena"

I was in the 2nd year of my graduation when I became a part of a network marketing company.

I was the leader of my city & I worked really hard to grow my company there.

I was able to grow my network marketing team size to more than 500 people within a span of a few months.

Then I went into another network marketing business where I was able to grow my team size to 5,000+ in a span of a few months.


The reason for my success in both companies was my RELENTLESS attitude when it came to doing business presentations. 

The same happens in life as well, you have to be Relentless & Non-Stop.
Stop waiting for the results & just keep on pushing the limits. The results will automatically come in. 

(Quick rant). 

"The first touch with Online World" 

This is where things got interesting. 

In the first network marketing company that I joined, I got introduced to the online world of websites. 

That's because of the core product that they were selling was websites & hosting. 

I developed a huge interest in doing things on the internet & this immediately caught me by surprise. 

I got introduced to the concepts of online marketing, Affiliate marketing & more things which I had no clue about before this. 

I started spending late nights studying about this online world. 

"First Own Business Venture" 

Immediately after finishing my graduation, I went back to my home town where I along with my brother & more team members had already planned a business. 

We started with a loyalty card business in our home city. 


What appeared to us as a piece of cake, Entrepreneurship struck hard to us (Fresh Entrepreneurs). 

We had no prior business experience & none of the team members came from the business background. 

Plus we did not have any mentorship from anyone. 

So, the struggle phase continued for 4 years. 

Our entire income for the first 4 years was just $10 (500 rupees) a month. 


And after 4 years, we decided to do a mega event in our city. 

We invited celebrities & did massive level arrangements. 

We did not have the kind of money that was required to organize that kind of an event, so we took money from various places. 

Again the lack of mentorship & guidance struck us hard & that event landed us in a debt of $15,000 (10 Lacs rupees) on our heads. 


So here we were, we did not have any real source of income in our hands plus this debt was added. 

It was a crunch situation & something had to change. 

And it was now time for the big switch. 

"Eureka Moment Of My Journey" 

So just like I mentioned above, I used to practice internet marketing every single night from 10/11PM to 3-4 AM every day. 

Now in one of those nights, I ran a Facebook ad campaign in which I invested $20 & made $200 back in a single night. 

Next day as per the usual routine of our loyalty card business, I was sitting in an educational Institute waiting for the chance for a meeting, but I was getting notifications of getting Sales online. 

I had never made that kind of money before. 

More than $200 (12,000 rupees) in a single night where my average income was just $10 (500 rupees) a month. 

That made me believe in my online marketing capabilities. 

And later, after that loss in that event, it was now time for me to fully step into the online marketing world. 

"Breakthrough Learning Phase" 

I wanted to go full-fledged into the online marketing world. 

But again no mentoring meant I had to create my own path. 

I locked myself in a room for 30 days & watched 500+ videos. 

Plus, I implemented & tested every single thing that I learned on a daily basis. 

That phase of extensive learning and intensive trials & testing gave me that exponential boost that everything I started touching then onwards was turning into gold. 

"Entering into Internet Entrepreneurship" 

I always knew that I was good at online marketing.

Fortunately, my best friend "Gaurav" was already working in the internet marketing industry & it was now time for us to pursue our long-time dream of doing business online. 


Well, it should be easy for you to figure out that we did not have a lot of money or resources at our disposal

So one good thing that we kept on doing was, whatever we earned we kept on reinvesting in our business.

Sometimes even after borrowing the money from different places.

Whatever income we generated, we spent that money to buy the tools, software, training programs, attending the events & everywhere where we could that could help us in our online journey.

I tried multiple online businesses.

Failed in many.

Succeeded in a few.

But I knew that success was always around the corner.

"Online Marketing" 

I picked up my first client project which was in the eCom niche. 

I ran Facebook ads for them & I was able to generate a massive 1000% ROI for them on a daily basis.

Daily spend - $100

Daily Revenue - $1,000

Then we made a few Facebook & Instagram pages which went really viral & I started earning from that.

Then I entered into the product launches industry was the game-changer.

Though our first product launch went into loss.

Our next launch generated $130,000 revenue (1 crores+) inside 7 days.


Similarly, we did more launches & we generated even higher revenue.

I am writing this story of mine in August 2019, my last launch in April 2019 generated $250,000 in revenue inside 7 days.


I also started doing Affiliate marketing & it's a consistent source of high Revenue for our company every single month. 


"Business Mentoring & Consulting" 

There is so much that I learned while practicing everything from the scratch that I know that if this information can get into the right head, it will bring massive impact to that business or individual.

For example, 

I was promoting a product of my business friend "Victory" when I saw something not right in his business funnel. I gave him a couple of advice & his Launch revenue shot up from $50,000 to $90,000 in just 2 days. 


A similar thing happened with Jonathan when I worked with him on his funnel & he generated $30,000+ revenue inside 5 days.

My business friend "Reshu" came up to me with the idea of a product. 

I helped her in her business funnel & she was able to generate a revenue of $80,000 inside 7 days before scaling her company to six figures in the coming year. 


Then came the most challenging challenge. I wanted to shift my brother Rahul Bhatnagar's focus to the online world.

He was already doing great in the offline world as an MTV fame plus a sought after communication, sales & leadership coach.

I worked with him in bringing his program online.

That program & funnel has generated revenue more than $350,000 within the last 12 months while empowering a lot of lives all over the world.


I figured out that this online marketing thing is something that comes naturally to me & I am easily able to figure out how a brand should position themselves & what should be their online messaging in order to generate maximum profits online.

Now you can figure out why I came up with "Saurabh Bhatnagar University" (SBU.in) & My Online & Physical Residential Programs.

Plus our events, which the 2 of us (Bhatnagar Brothers) we conduct together.

My success was massively delayed because of the lack of right direction.

So I had to create my own path.

Just imagine if I had the same kind of mentoring in my early days that we provide inside our University & our programs, I would have achieved success much faster, I would have tried hundreds of fewer tools, a lot less money in learning things by myself & a much lesser time before finally getting to understand how to generate customers/clients online.

And that's exactly what I help business owners & Entrepreneurs with:
"Scaling their revenue by helping them get more customers/clients online".

If you are somebody who wants to take the next leap into your life, I will be more than happy to help you.


I am happy that you took action to come to my website & read my story till the end. 

It means you are an action taker in life.

Always keep your head high & work relentlessly & strategically towards your success.

Remember what "JmStorm," said, "Magic happens when you don't give up. Universe Falls in love with a stubborn heart".

Never give up.
Keep pushing.
Success will be yours!!


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