(eCom) $150,000 Revenue & 1,000% Daily ROI Case Study - $167 Value

I started my online journey with an eCom client before I started creating my own products. 

I was able to generate 1,000% Daily ROI for them.
Overall we spent $15,000 & we generated $150,000. 

I discovered a special advertisement design from a "Chinese website" that I implemented & it turned out to be a huge winner.

Plus more settings that you will see inside the case study...


(Software) How I Turned $5,000 Ad Spend Into $50,000 Revenue - $167 Value

AdsCrisp is my video ads Software that generated a revenue of $250,000 in the first 7 days of its launch. 

There was a specific Facebook™ ads plan that I Implemented to make the opening of this launch a Blockbuster.

You will get to discover the exact plan inside the case study. 


(Coaching) 1,000 Leads Daily (even more) & $10,000+ weekly Revenue -$167 Value

This is a live case study (meaning we are implementing this every week right now)

I helped my brother set up the entire funnel of his 'Communication Mastery' coaching program. 

And today we are generating 1,000+ targeted leads daily along with $10,000+ weekly Revenue.

You will see the entire funnel setup in this case study.

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