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Let Me Show You How FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages Will Make You More Money Than The Normal Checkout Pages Provided By The Standard Payment Gateway Platforms

Compare The 2 Checkout Pages Below:


Quick sample of a few FlexiFunnels checkout pages:


Already in the zone where the mind is blown?
Well we have more to show!!

One Time Bump Offers On Flexifunnels Checkout Pages That Increases Revenue & Average Order Value

One-Click Bump

These bump offers are proven to increase the average order value by 18-37%.

Imagine a 18-37% boost in revenue without doing anything.

So if you were making Rs 1,00,000 with your marketing funnel, you would be making Rs 1,18,000-1,37,000 instead.

That’s a huge boost in the revenue for doing nothing extra!!

You can create order bumps with FlexiFunnels in just 5 minutes and let them increase your conversions on autopilot.


Overall all these FlexiFunnels conversion elements combined generate a lot of extra conversions that you can't even imagine with the standard checkout pages provided to you by the Standard payment gateways.

Let's Have A Look At The Conversion Elements On FlexiFunnels
Checkout Pages That Increases Conversions:

1. Timer On The Checkout Page

Similar to what you would have seen on Amazon or probably on tons of other sites.

It's a PROVEN fact that adding urgency to your cart page increases conversions.

FlexiFunnels gives you the option to add timers on your cart pages. 

You can put a timer that ends on a specific date, or an evergreen timer that keeps refreshing after every particular time interval, or a day based timer that ends at a particular time on every single day. 

Create timers according to what suits your conversions using FlexiFunnels.


2. Coupon Code
(Offer A One Time Coupon Code On The Checkout Page)

Another tried & tested proven tactic that is proven to increase the conversions on the page.

Always used by the best sites on the planet.

Offer a time limited coupon on your checkout page & see your conversions rise.

3. Add Testimonials To Build Trust

Just before making any purchase, your customers are always in that "confusion" zone where they are thinking whether I should buy or not.

Put your best testimonials on the checkout page.

This will help them regain confidence on your product & ultimately leads to more conversions.


4. Add Bullets About The Deliverables

Another great conversion optimization hack is to add bullets of all the main deliverables.

Reminds your visitors of why they are purchasing the product & helps in value stacking.

Here's the simple rule:

Value Stacking = Higher Perceived Value of the product = More Sales.

The moment your product is "higher in value" than the "price of the product", sale happens automatically!!

Use value stacking in FlexiFunnels checkout pages to increase your conversions!!

5. Secure & Trusted Payment Seal

You can give your customers 1,000+ reasons to buy... but only 1 good reason is good enough for them to NOT buy.

Many customers still have this feeling that online purchases are not safe.

Why take chances?

A trusted payment seal helps you convert those customers as well.

There's a reason why the best of online purchasing sites like "ClickBank" use the trust seals on their checkout pages.


6. Cart Abandon Enabled - Convert Your Lost Customers

If you have been in & around the marketing circle for a while now, you should know the importance of this feature.

Being able to send instant communication on autopilot to the customers who abandoned the cart is a life saver. It is a proven method of adding a lot of extra revenue in your pockets.

Have a look at my screenshot of MarketPresso cart abandon email.

That's 164 customers who came to the cart, added their payment details but for some reason they didn't buy... life happened.

But the sale is gone.

Not in this case. We were able to recall them & get them to buy the product.

Do you realize the amount of revenue we just saved just by having this one automated feature in place?

That's insane!!

7. Remarketing Pixels On The Checkout Page

Probably the best one saved for the last :)

You know how well remarketing works!!
Bringing in lost customers to buy your product.

And specially, you don't want to miss out remarketing to the prospects who went till the checkout page. They are the hottest prospects.

Because of FlexiFunnels now you will be able to remarket your visitors who were just on the brink of making the purchase but did not buy for some reason...This adds up insane level of revenue to the bottomline!!

P.S - In the training section we have added tutorials how to run remarketing ads just in case you don't know how to do it.


Well These Were 7 Powerful Reasons How & Why FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages Will Add More To Your Bottomline Revenue With The Help Of Conversion Optimized Checkout Pages

You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages are. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


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