Advanced Funnel Logics

Mastering the art of funnels is one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself.
It has grown my revenue, my business, my life & everything that comes with it.


Here’s a quick example:

One of my products "MarketPresso" did sales of over $1,000,000+ ($1 Million+) in the first 10 months.

That looks great from outside.

Now have a look at some insights.

FE - Over $170,000 in Sales

MarketPresso frontend products did sales of over $170,000. That’s great.


But that’s still far from $1,000,000.
That’s because the remaining revenue came from the sales funnel.
Have a look:

OTO Sales

MarketPresso OTO 1 did $129,000+ (single price variation)


MarketPresso OTO 3 did $130,000+ (single price variation)


Do you see single price variations of OTO 1 & OTO 3 products has generated more revenue than any of the frontend products alone?

That's the power of having a good funnel. 
It multiplies your revenue.

Well we had many more OTOs and multiple pricing variations in all of them.
Let me show you the impact of having multiple price variations in a single OTO.

Multiple Price Variation Impact

First of all let me show you what is the meaning of multiple price variations.


Basically it means different pricing options of a single offering.
With some basic level difference. Example - Small, Medium, Large Fries.

Check out the impact of multiple price variations:


Almost everyone purchased the higher priced variation.

It's a great marketing tactic to increase your average order value. 

But sadly, the option to create multiple price variations of a single product is not available in many funnel builders. With FlexiFunnels you can do that :)

And just in case you are already overwhelmed, let me show you something that will blow you away...

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Downsell Means Offering A Lower Priced Variation Of An Upsell Product With Some Reduced Benefits When A Customer Says No To The Main Upsell Product.

Revenue of Downsells

Check Out Revenue Of OTO 1 Downsell


=> OTO 1 downsell alone has done sales of over $30,000+
 Do you realize the power?

This is an EXTRA $30,000 which was otherwise LOST.

Because the customer had already rejected the OTO 1 offer. But the fact that we had a smart Downsell 1 in place, it generated the extra $30,000.

And Of Course We Had Downsell For Every Single OTO Product.


That's Another $190,000+ Just Because Of The Downsells.

Do you realize that the downsell products alone have generated more than $190,000+ revenue?

Hold on… I should say the revenue that was otherwise LOST!!

Because if the downsells were not in place, the customer had already rejected the main offer.

That’s the power of advanced funnels!!

And that’s exactly the power FlexiFunnels bring into your hands!!

You can create any kind of advanced funnel with FlexiFunnels. You can put any number of upsells, downsells & price variations.

This boosts the revenue like anything. And then our conversion optimized checkout pages gives you a higher level of conversions at every single stage of your funnel.

The overall impact of advanced funnels + conversion optimized checkout pages is… I would say Life Changing!!


You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels Advance Funnel Logics is. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


Editor & Hosting

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Flexi Advanced Funnel Logics

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