Advanced Course Membership Area

Take a Look at the Advanced Features of The Course Membership Area of FlexiFunnels

Piracy Protected Courses (OTT Level Security)

Course piracy has become a huge issue for the course creators. If you are a course creator, you know I am talking about a serious issue here. Once the course is leaked, there is no way you can keep selling your course at a good scale. 

With FlexiFunnels, we have solved that issue by incorporating OTT level streaming for the course videos. Because of which your course videos become secure. Like Netflix or other OTT platforms.

Just upload your course videos in FlexiFunnels and we take care of the rest. Now you can sleep in peace knowing your course is OTT level secured.

P.S - We have provided this feature for the paid courses only. Not for the free ones.


Maximum 2 IP Login

You don't want a situation in which your course access credentials are getting shared at multiple locations and you can't do anything about it.

We have added this automatic setting for every course in which each course can only be logged in from a maximum of 2 devices.

Any time a 3rd device tries to login, the first person will automatically get logged out.

Now no one will share their course access just like that.

At the end resulting in more sales for the course creators like you.

Data Protection

Your course buyers data is fully encrypted. Hence safe and secured on FlexiFunnels. Nobody can see your data except the ones who has access to your account.


Name & Email On Course Videos + IP Tracking

Another way through which course piracy happens is through screen recording the videos. We have added the feature with which your course buyers' name & email id will float on top of the course videos at multiple locations after every few seconds. 

Hence automatically ensuring that the course buyer cannot screen record the course or else they will get caught. 

Plus, we can also help track the IP of the buyer with the help of name & email. To help you catch anyone who does any such thing.

Right Click Disabled In Membership Area

Nobody can go to the source of your videos by doing a simple right click. We have disabled that functionality. 

For the paid courses we have the OTT level streaming to avoid piracy.

For the free courses, the right click disable feature will help you secure your free programs as well in which you will be uploading videos through some 3rd party video hosting provider. Example - Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc


Security Layer On Videos

We have added an extra security layer in FlexiFunnels course membership area, where all the videos are layered with our security codes, so the video extra features and buttons are disabled.

This is particularly helpful for your free courses that you will host on any 3rd party video hosting service. 

Users will not be able to click on the other video settings that comes by default from the video hosting provider.

Drag & Drop Modules & Lesson

As the name suggests you can easily drag & drop the modules & lessons and arrange them the way you like.

They get saved automatically.
Saving you an extra step :)

Mobile optimized Course View and courses

Although course watching pre-dominantly happens on the big screens (laptops/desktops), but there is a good amount of audience that prefers to watch courses on mobile.

ALL your courses inside FlexiFunnels are fully mobile optimised. Your course students can log in to their mobile and can have a seamless learning experience.

Import Course Videos Using Playlist

Import your course content by just pasting the playlist URL from Youtube and all the videos inside the Youtube playlist will be imported in a single click and will be added as separate lessons.

P.S - This you can use when you want to use Youtube videos for course hosting (maybe your free course).


Drip Feed Content

You can drip feed your course content (modules/lessons) to your students on a specific date or on specific days interval.

It means your course students will only be able to watch the drip feeded content when the specific number of days has passed (example - let's say 7 days). 

This is very helpful to avoid refunds from students who quickly want to go through the entire course within the refund period and then apply for the refund. 


Add Resources

Let's say you want to deliver some downloadable file along with some course videos or maybe a link to some externally hosted file, you can do both with the "Add Resources" feature.

Your added "Resource" will be visible below the selected lessons that your students can access just by clicking on it.

Multiple courses inside one membership

You can make multiple courses in FlexiFunnels inside one membership area & login.

All the courses created inside one membership will be displayed to all of your students, but only the accessible courses which they have purchased can be accessed. Others will remain locked.

We are soon adding the feature with which you will be able to redirect users to a sales page when they click on the locked courses. 


Divide your single course into multiple bundles containing limited modules & lessons

You can choose to sell different versions of your single course. Let's say a lite & a premium version. Only the modules & lessons which are selected in a bundle will be unlocked. The remaining will be locked.

This is a great way of upselling your course students. 

Even if they have purchased the "lite" version of your course, all the other course videos will stay remain present in front of them. But when they click on it, FlexiFunnels will prompt them to enroll to the other course & your sales page link will be shown. Helping you to upsell your existing customers on automation.

Bundle Upselling - Option to add sales page/checkout page link in the locked lessons of a course

This is the feature we just explained above. 

Check out the image to see the prompt that will be visible to your course students when they click on the locked lessons/modules. 

This way you can convert your students from basic level courses to advance level courses.


Adding more lessons to the same bundle will also give access to the existing customers

Just in case you want to add more content in a particular course/bundle, you can simply add the content and update in the bundle settings.

This will automatically provide lessons access to the students having access to the bundle.

Manual access creation & deletion  option (On Request)

Manually send access to your students by just by adding the required information in the manual access creation form.

Access is sent automatically via email in case of manual access creation.


Import members via CSV (On Request)

Bulk import members into a course by using a CSV file.

Course access will be shared with all the students automatically via email.

Automatic Access Credentials sent via email via your name & email Id

After the successful purchase of your course, your customers will receive the access credentials on the registered email instantly with your name as the sender name and your email id as the sender email id.


Automatic buyer access is shown on the Thank You page

After the successful purchase of a course, the user gets redirected to a thank you page where the course access credentials are displayed instantly and the user is able to access the course on the spot.

This is a huge feature. 

Being a successful course creator myself, I can tell you that this feature is a life saver and a massive revenue booster. 

Let me explain why...

If you are a course seller or maybe a course buyer too in the past, you would be familiar with the following statements:

“Your access will be there in your email within 5 minutes”

And this...

”Also please check your spam folder for access email”


And the best one....

=> “Didn’t receive access? Our support team is looking into it. We will find your payment & then match it with the database & figure out why you didn’t receive your access. We appreciate your patience meanwhile.”

Looks familiar, right?

Do you realize how big a problem it is for any course seller?

Let’s try & understand...

The best thing that any course creator can do for their customer is give them access to the course that they just purchased right away.

Seems like a pretty simple thing.

But this exactly is what 90% of the course creators are not able to do (not because of their fault) & hence they see refund queries coming in.

Think about it.

Any course buyer before purchasing a program has all sorts of insecurities in his/her mind. And right after the payment they are already thinking in their mind whether I made the right decision or not… (so they are already short on confidence. Not on you but their own self)...
…. and the next thing that happens is they have to search for the access. Why?

Because the zap or email SMTP or any other integration between 2 or 3 different products is not working fine & it delayed sending the access.
Maybe just by 5 minutes. That’s pretty normal for Zapier.

BUT the customer who has just paid for the course has already become short on confidence. This time on you.
(Seems like a perfect recipe for thinking about getting a refund).

They need access right away.
And not search for it in different gmail folders or the spam folder.

With FlexiFunnels The Advantage Is That The Checkout Page & The Course Membership Area Are Both Hosted By FlexiFunnels Only.

So there is never a delay in sending course access to your customers.

A lot of good things happen because of that:

  • Your customers get access right away
  • Less support tickets. No customer likes reaching out to the support portal. Trust me.
  • You will have one centralized place to run your entire business. So even you or your support team don’t have to run into 2 or 3 different softwares to see whether the person has paid or not & why the access didn’t go
  • Saving at least 1 out of 100 refund queries right away
  • Saving the fraction loss of confidence that your customers would have had because of the delay of access

If you are a course seller, you know the value & importance of your customer’s confidence in you. That's what FlexiFunnels brings into the picture for you. More happy customers = more referrals & less support tickets.

And don’t forget the cost it saves because of all the 3rd party integrations.

Well these are all the incredible features we have added to the course membership area.

All of these combined will help you generate more revenue. We have taken care of the course security, easy access, upselling, saving refunds and ease of creation for you. While we continue to think more and add more features so you can scale your courses & Revenue with ease. 

You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels Membership Course is. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


Editor & Hosting

Drag & Drop Website/Sales Funnel Builder. Fastest Loading CDN Hosting.



Host Your Courses. Piracy Protected Dashboard With Your Branding



Converting Checkout Pages Proven To Give You More Sales & Higher Average Order Value.



All Necessary Integrations To Help You Run Your Online Business On Automation



Highly Detailed Reporting Dashboard Covering In-Depth Stats Of Your Leads & Sales


Flexi Advanced

See Page Wise Conversion Stats So You Can Optimize &


Flexi Advanced Funnel Logics

Go Beyond Just A Single Price Variation Of Upsells &


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