Advanced Integrations


This image is a perfect example of how an online business is run.

At a minimum level, an integration between 6 or 7 different softwares is required behind the scenes to help your online business run smoothly.

That’s bare minimum. If you are doing an online business already, you must already be aware of that.

To do that, it requires additional expense and time to manage all of that. 

FlexiFunnels will save all that money & time for you.


Let’s think of the use cases:

1. Let’s say you want to host a webinar

To host a webinar, you will want people to register on your landing page, data should automatically get added to your autoresponder, and the subscribers should automatically get added as a webinar registrant. Of course, you won't want your subscribers to take these actions again & again.

You will need a minimum of:

  • Landing page software
  • Autoresponder form code
  • Lead to be passed into your webinar platform
  • Zapier or a similar tool to perform these actions on automation

Let’s say you generate 1000 leads.

And let’s say you have zapier’s starter plan of 1500 tasks per month:

It will cost you $48.75 per month or $468/year ($39/mon) when paid annually.

And then, it takes about 15 minutes for every integration to pass. Ouch.

Do you think your webinar registrants will keep waiting for your webinar update email for 15 minutes? Well, I will let you answer that.

Let’s say he/she does. Best case scenario :)


What happens next?

2. You want to sell your product in the webinar

Customers buy your product.

That will require an integration between:

1) Payment gateway
2) Digital product that you are selling/ course access
3) Autoresponder (of course you would want your buyer leads to go into a separate list in an autoresponder)

If you are in the starter plan, your customers will be waiting for 15 minutes for the access.

Ouch again!!

And these are just 2 use case scenarios...

Now if you wanna scale…

You should at least be in the top tier plan for multiple use cases & heavy tasks.

Yes, that’s $748.75 per month.

Or bare minimum the “Team plan” that is $373.75 per month.


Don’t believe me yet?

Here is what my Zapier task usage was until last month (before FlexiFunnels):


Crossing 100,000+ tasks per month easily.
That requires a costing of $748.75 a month
(on the monthly plan).

That should give you a huge reality check!!

And if you just thought that hey, I am just starting, I don’t need this high level usage…

Well, good point.

But are you starting just to stay at the level where you presently are or do you want to scale in the future?

Because if you wanna scale, that’s how the future is gonna be.

Remember the iceberg image I showed you earlier?

Online Business is not exactly what it seems only from the outside. It’s deeper inside.

=> With FlexiFunnels, we solve & save all those deep level costs for you. Every single month!!

Yeah, FlexiFunnels is a legend :)

Just in case you still want to pass data via Zapier or any similar platform... we have the Webhook feature 

Webhook Feature In FlexiFunnels

A webhook integration allows you to automatically send information from one app to another using a unique URL.

You can create a webhook integration to send your opt-in form data or product buyers' data from FlexiFunnels to other applications using a webhook.


Webhook For Opt-In Forms


Webhook For Passing Buyers Data


You Can Do So Much More With FlexiFunnels

On this page I showed you how powerful the FlexiFunnels Integrations are. But there is so much more you can do with FlexiFunnels.

Check below all the individual advanced features of FlexiFunnels in detail:


Editor & Hosting

Drag & Drop Website/Sales Funnel Builder. Fastest Loading CDN Hosting.



Host Your Courses. Piracy Protected Dashboard With Your Branding



Converting Checkout Pages Proven To Give You More Sales & Higher Average Order Value.



All Necessary Integrations To Help You Run Your Online Business On Automation



Highly Detailed Reporting Dashboard Covering In-Depth Stats Of Your Leads & Sales


Flexi Advanced

See Page Wise Conversion Stats So You Can Optimize &


Flexi Advanced Funnel Logics

Go Beyond Just A Single Price Variation Of Upsells &


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